A man's silhouette surrounded by words with positive, affirming messages


Aug 28 2019


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm



Finding Meaning at the Workplace

An experiential workshop where like-minded, growth-oriented individuals will reflect, explore and define their values, strengths and beliefs at work and identify action towards expressing their leadership.

This free 2 hour experiential workshop is designed for anyone who seeks clarity on what they care about at work and how to derive more meaning at their workplace.

We tend to not bring our full selves into our work when we feel disconnected and disengaged. We tend to attribute it to external factors (bad manager, stressful work culture, lack of respect or appreciation). While that can be true, unless we identify the internal factors, we will not be able to take the desired action.

Values constitute our internal factors. When we can identify and live our values, we can take control of how we show up at work and add more meaning to the work we do.